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Frequently Asked Questions

  • X-O is a proprietary blend of plant-based (essential) oils carefully selected to provide odor neutralizing, cleaning and disinfecting benefits.

  • X-O has been on the market and neutralizing odors since 1985 (30+ years).

  • X-O and the environment are 'best friends'. X-O is made from natural, plant-based ingredients and is non-toxic, pH balanced and biodegradable.

  • X-O is highly effective combating the smell of smoke - ash trays, fire damage, recreational rooms, etc.

    Fun fact ...

    In the days one could smoke on airplanes - X-O was used by several major airlines to clean and neutralize smoking odors in the passenger cabins between flights.

  • Yes, X-O is safe for use on all pets and is especially useful with common animal odor issues - skunk, anal sack, estrus. Apply directly to coat as a grooming aid (avoid the eyes), add to bath water or spray bedding and sleeping quarters.

  • X-O is a great companion for laundry. Spray the hamper, add a couple ounces to the washer (works great with detergents), and/or spray wet clothes in the dryer.

  • It is not recommended that you mix X-O with bleach or any other harsh cleaning chemicals.

  • X-O cleans, de-odorizes and disinfects hard surfaces, fabrics and any water-tolerant material.

  • The 'Plus' version of X-O provides odor neutralizing 'plus' extra cleaning capability.

  • To refill a Plus 'ready-to-use' from concentrate - Use: 1 part Plus Concentrate, 7 parts water

    For mop water - Use: 1-2 oz Plus Concentrate per 1 gallon water

  • No, X-O does not contain fragrances. The intrinsic scent of X-O will dissipate several minutes after application leaving a clean, fresh smell.

  • X-O is water-based and suitable for any hard, water-tolerant surfaces.

    Exercise caution using on 'natural' hardwood floors.

  • When applying to surfaces or in the air - 3-10 'puffs' will usually suffice.

  • X-O is great freshen the air - spray 3-10 'puffs' in the air throughout the room. X-O can also be applied to the A/C air vents.

  • YES - X-O comes with a 100% money back guarantee.